Trashpod 0Gb is only a fantasy, a game that complements the 

noise of your steps. 

It is constructed exclusively with the fruit of the forced technologi- 

cal obsoleteness; with what capitalism calls garbage, with garbage 

that it was already so from its own fabrication or since in a meeting 

someone decided its expiry date. 

I don’t know if this will make someone to think but, anyway, it does 

not matter because GarbagePod is just a game. 

  Garbage Pin is a device jewel born from a distinctly urban concept of appropriation and reinterpretation of a daily use object: the rubbish bin. 

Being of a kind of urban furnishing that exists in big numbers in the cosmopolitan set-up, the waste bin belongs with no doubt to the collective imagery, present in the day to day of any citizen as a reflection of a culture linked to an accelerated and increasing consumption like is ours.  
Garbage Pin Project 
started in January 2008 as a virtual process through the communication established, mainly by email, with the 90 artists that have participated.
In his box...

                                                                Movement sensor prototipe based on a ball pen.